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Robin Orta follows a path all of his own. A path of vibrations, spirit, color, and endless stories. Influenced by the great illustrators of past and present, Robin always does his best to stand on their shoulders while staying true to  his own path.  The Tao of Robin.

When he doesn’t have a pen handy, he can be found playing dad to Phoenix and Griffin as well hubby to his wife Christina. For the past 16 years, various martial arts instructors have thrown/hit  Robin. All with his approval and to his satisfaction.

Contact information:

512 757 6782 cell phone

zencog<at>hotmail<dot>com email


Associate of Arts from Bee County College, Beeville,Tx. 1993

Bachelor of Arts from Texas A and M at Corpus Christi, Tx 1998

Shodan Certificate in Ryoshi Ryu Aikijujitsu 2005 from The American Society of Combat Martial Artists

under the tutelage of Edward D. Loomis Sensei.


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